Mid Face Lift, Cheek Lifting

mid-face lift, also known as a cheek lift, can address an early sign of aging in the area below the eyes and around the cheekbones. This is an area that is not typically addressed during a facelift, which lifts and tightens the jawline but does not address the cheek area. As we age, the face loses some of its youthful volume and tissues lengthen and sag.  Our Salt Lake City midface lift procedure is designed to address this area.

The Procedure

Dr. Eftekhari performs a minimally invasive mid-face lift surgery. There are two options he may consider depending on your specific situation. One option is through a very small incision hidden underneath the eyelid that helps to tighten the ligaments and muscles that make up the cheek area, and if needed remove a small amount of fat if that is prolapsing out from the outer corner of the lower eyelid. The advantage of our Salt Lake City midface lift procedure is that it can be done in the office under local anesthesia in certain circumstances, with minimal downtime and no anesthesia or sedation.

Dr. Eftekhari also can perform a second type of mid-face lift without any visible incision lines. Using a small fiber-optic camera, Dr. Eftekhari can perform a midface lift from an incision made in the hairline to lift and volumize the cheek area. Our Salt Lake City anti-aging treatments are done under anesthesia but is an excellent option to treat mid-facial sagging. Dr. Eftekhari can perform this procedure at the same time as other procedures to address the eyelid and brow area.

Recovery from a Mid-Face Lift Procedure

This Salt Lake City face rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment is an out-patient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day. Bruising is very common around the eyes after surgery, usually lasting 1-2 weeks. To prevent complications post-operatively, Dr. Eftekhari recommends you refrain from heavy lifting – defined as any activity that causes you to strain – because that may affect your wound healing.