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Our Salt Lake City eyelid lift surgery – or upper blepharoplasty – is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure Dr. Eftekhari performs. Our upper and lower eyelids have the thinnest skin on the body. This delicate area is susceptible to sagging and slackening of support muscles, which is why many people choose eyelid lift surgery. Aging in the upper eyelids usually happens before the rest of the face. In many cases, hooded eyelids are genetic and passed down from our parents. An eyelid lift can restore the natural appearance of your eyes to be able to see your eyelashes again and to get rid of that tired, heavy feeling above your eyes.

Dr. Eftekhari is a board-certified eyelid doctor who performs eyelid plastic surgery to rejuvenate the eyes and the face. He has completed specialized training in eyelid surgery and is a member of the prestigious American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one of only 750 members in the world.

Understanding Eyelid Lift Surgery: Insights and Procedure

Eyelid lift surgery, also recognized as upper blepharoplasty in our Salt Lake City clinic, primarily focuses on addressing sagging in the upper eyelids. Strategic incisions are made to remove excess skin and reposition fat. Dr. Eftekhari often chooses to reposition fat for the most natural results, avoiding a hollow appearance.

While upper blepharoplasty is generally a cosmetic procedure, instances where excessive skin obstructs vision may be covered by insurance.

Considering Eyelid Lift Surgery: Ideal Candidates

Many individuals, both women and men (60% female, 40% male), seek Salt Lake City cosmetic surgery for sagging upper eyelids. Symptoms like upper eyelids sticking together or a constant feeling of hooded or tired eyes are common, adding years to one’s appearance. Dr. Eftekhari’s expertise benefits those over 40, with many choosing simultaneous blepharoplasty on upper and lower eyelids for the best aesthetic outcome.

Precision in Upper Eyelid Lift Procedure

Salt Lake City eyelid lift surgery focuses on removing excess upper eyelid skin and repositioning muscle and fat for natural-looking results. Dr. Eftekhari’s incisions, strategically placed in the upper eyelid crease, are nearly invisible. The procedure involves excising excess skin, repositioning or removing fat, and tightening underlying muscle tissue. Dr. Eftekhari, an eyelid specialist, ensures a rejuvenated appearance without a hollow look, closing the skin with sutures.

Effortless Preparation for Upper Eyelid Lift Surgery

Upper lid lift surgery requires minimal preparation. One week before the procedure, stop blood thinners, anti-inflammatory medication, and most supplements to reduce bruising. Smokers should quit two weeks before and after surgery, as smoking hinders wound healing.

Recovery Expectations After Lid Lift Surgery

Recovery from eyelid lift surgery is straightforward. After the procedure, return home and use cold compresses and eye ointment diligently to minimize bruising and swelling. Manageable pain with over-the-counter medication ensures a comfortable recovery. Post-surgery, your eyes will look great, with any remaining light swelling resolving in a few weeks. Most patients can resume work within 72 hours.

Understanding Risks with Upper Blepharoplasty

While Salt Lake City upper blepharoplasty is delicate, Dr. Eftekhari’s specialization minimizes risks. Surgical risks include infection, bleeding, and poor wound healing. Rare eyelid-specific complications like dry eyes or difficulty closing an eyelid are possible. Dr. Eftekhari takes precautions to prevent complications, especially addressing issues arising from prior surgeries.

Satisfying Outcomes of Upper Eyelid Lift Surgery

Results from these procedures are satisfying, offering dramatic yet natural-looking outcomes. Unless disclosed, friends and co-workers will not realize you have had surgery; they will only notice a refreshed, alert, and younger appearance. Who would not want a bit of that?

Considering Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift Surgery) ? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kian Eftekhari at Eyelid Center of Utah to discuss your goals and determine if this procedure is right for you.

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