Facial Fat Transfer Surgery 

One of the hallmarks of the aging process is the deflation and loss of volume in the midfacial tissues. This loss of volume is primarily due to atrophy of facial fat as shown in many studies looking at this topic. The facial has many different compartments of fat and connective tissue that keep them elevated and help contribute to a youthful, volumized appearance. For some patients who have experienced significant facial fat atrophy, our Salt Lake City facial fat grafting and transfer surgery may be an option.

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer Surgery

One of the primary options to volumize the facial fat compartments is dermal filler treatments. However, filler is not permanent and dissolves slowly over time. Our Salt Lake City facial procedure and fat transfer surgery provide the opportunity for a more permanent volumizing treatment for the face. While the fat may dissolve some over time, it is a more permanent option than filler treatments.

Facial Fat Transfer Procedure

Our Salt Lake City facial fat grafting and transfer surgery can be done under sedation or general anesthesia. Dr. Eftekhari anesthetizes the area and then uses your body’s own fat usually around the umbilical area (belly button) using a mini-liposuction technique. This fatty tissue is then carefully processed into smaller fat cells and then Dr. Eftekhari meticulously injects fat into the volume-deficient areas of the face. The most common area targeted for this procedure is the cheek and midface. There are no incisions made on the face to perform our Salt Lake City facial fat grafting procedure since it is done through a small-bore cannula.

Risks of Facial Fat Transfer Surgery

The main risk of surgery is that – during the healing process – the fat may redistribute itself unevenly leading to asymmetry or contour abnormalities. In addition, there are risks of anesthesia and risks to vision when performing the procedure. Dr. Eftekhari will guide you through this discussion during your consultation.