Loss of an Eye

Traumatic injuries to the eye or certain eye conditions such as glaucoma or cancer can lead to a blind, painful eye. In certain circumstances, your physician may consider referring you to Dr. Eftekhari for eye removal surgery.

Loss of an eye has distinct psychosocial impacts on every patient, and Dr. Eftekhari is experienced in guiding you through this difficult transition.

The spherical eye sits inside a larger eye socket. The primary goal of eye removal surgery is to provide relief of pain or cancer removal. The second goal is to provide the foundation for your eyelids to be able to be fit for a prosthesis. Dr. Eftekhari will refer you to an ocularist about 6 to 8 weeks after surgery once you are healed to be fit for your prosthetic eye.

The Procedure

Depending on the condition necessitating removal of the eye, Dr. Eftekhari may need to remove the tissues within the eye or remove the eye itself and detach it from the eye muscles. Dr. Eftekhari has extensive experience with both kinds of surgery. The surgery takes about 60 minutes to perform and afterwards Dr. Eftekhari will put a patch over the eye.

Recovery from the Procedure

After eye removal surgery, Dr. Eftekhari will prescribe an oral pain medication and an antibiotic eye ointment to be placed on top of the eyelashes. Once you have healed, Dr. Eftekhari will refer you to an ocularist for fitting of your prosthetic eye