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Thyroid eye disease, with bulging eyes, is a prevalent condition treated by Dr. Eftekhari. Many individuals have thyroid issues, and Graves’ disease is common. Graves’ disease brings symptoms like weight loss and tremors, often leading to eye changes—bulging, puffiness, and a transformed appearance. Swelling occurs due to abnormal antibodies, causing eye fat and muscle tissue growth. In severe cases, scarring may lead to vision loss or double vision. Trust Dr. Eftekhari for expert care and comprehensive treatment of thyroid eye disease symptoms.

Understanding Thyroid Eye Disease Symptoms

Thyroid eye disease manifests with various symptoms, including tearing, redness, irritation, and eye puffiness. Some may observe unilateral bulging, while severe cases lead to significant proptosis (bulging eyes) and eyelid retraction, resulting in an abnormal appearance.

Course of Thyroid Eye Disease

In many patients, symptoms intensify, peak over several months, and eventually stabilize within 18 to 24 months. While improvements may occur, it’s rare for the eyes to fully return to their previous state.

Effective Treatment Approaches

Dr. Eftekhari, specializing in thyroid eye disease, offers advanced treatments. Previously, steroids were conventional; now, Tepezza (teprotumumab) provides a breakthrough. FDA-approved in 2020, it directly targets thyroid eye disease. Dr. Eftekhari, a published expert on Tepezza, may recommend it based on severity.

Surgical Intervention for Thyroid Eye Disease

For non-responsive cases or those with scarring, Dr. Eftekhari performs surgery. Orbital decompression creates more space, allowing the bulging eye to recede. Eyelid retraction surgery addresses lid abnormalities. As a board-certified expert and ITEDS and ASOPRS member, Dr. Eftekhari ensures comprehensive care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thyroid Eye Disease

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